About us

An advertising manufacturing company "Znaky UА" is known at the market of services in making of various advertisement constructions in Kyiv and all over Ukraine from 2008. Experience and quality resource base provide the wide spectrum of the given services. We engage in developments of design-projects and project designing documentation of advertisement constructions. "Znaky UА" guarantees high quality and rapid production of outdoor and indoor advertisements, and also her editing that is carried out by professional and skilled workers.

We use the most quality and modern materials for the production of advertisement constructions, therefore we are responsible for quality produced goods and set by us, carrying out stable warranty and service. We find the individual approach to every client, listening to his wishes about the orders.

The wide choice of producible advertisement products will satisfy even a demanding customer - a light and unlighted advertisement, outdoor and indoor - with its help it is possible to attract potential customer's attention to the shop, service, to design outward or internal part of apartment. We offer various solutions that will underline advantages of your project.

We appreciate our permanent customers and always glad to the new clients!


We give the complete spectrum of services in a production of outdoor and indoor advertisements:

  • Making signboards and signboards with illuminating from beneath
  • Design facades, shop-windows
  • Making light boxes, volume light and unlighted letters
  • Making roof constructions, pylons, city-lights
  • Making road signs, peaks, marquises, entrance groups
  • Making of household signs, address baskets
  • Neon, light advertisement, street stands, boards
  • We produce building shields, holders, billboards
  • We execute the branding of transport vehicles
  • Services of the widescreen printing
  • Service of vacuum moulding, milling cutting, allocation of advertisement
  • Welding, paint works
  • Plotter cutting, bonding tapes
  • Service and repair of advertisement of all kinds


Sales department:
Kiev, 35 Obolonsky ave. 1 Fl. ofc. 1.

+38(044) 221-63-34
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